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Pros and Cons of Living in Newport Oregon

This week I wanted to share the pros and cons of living in Newport Oregon along with Windermere chief economist Matthew Gardner’s weekly housing market update. I found his insight into the direction of the market pretty insightful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

And as always, please let me know if there’s any way I can serve or support you right now, real estate related or not.


Pros and Cons of Living in Newport Oregon

Mondays with Matthew: Will COVID-19 Impact Where Buyers Want to Live?

In this week’s episode of Mondays with Matthew, Matthew Gardner kicks off a series of episodes in which he answers questions from his followers. The first deals with how COVID-19 could impact where buyers want to live, especially in more urban markets.

Beach Life January 23, 2018

Should we worry about tsunamis living at the oregon coast?


Beach Life October 31, 2017

What Makes The Central Oregon Coast Special?


What makes the Central Oregon Coast Special? When my wife and I were looking to move out of the Portland area a couple of years ago we didn’t have anything tying us down to any one area. What we were looking for was a place near the ocean with a good balance of entertainment, opportunity, beauty, and serenity. There are 5 real points to discuss when talking to the point of why buy on the central coast. 

Fall sunset on the central coast


Catching a little afternoon swell with my boys

Too close to a metro area and you get the “bedroom community” effect. When you look at what has happened to the towns to the north like Seaside and Cannon Beach any sunny weekend day and its gridlock in town. With just a little more distance you don’t get the overwhelming surge of weekend tourists. But, on the flip side get too far from any metro area and you loose that consistent “tourist” element that gives an area the art and entertainment. We have three larger metro areas ( Portland, Salem, and Eugene) that are all within 2-3 hours depending on where you are going. Not only does it boost the local economies but it also gives you access to the larger hospitals and infrastructure that metro areas provide within a reasonable distance.


Beach Access

The sight looking down many beaches on the central coast

Why are we drawn to the beach… For the beach, right. Well, Oregon has an amazing coastline but all beaches are not created equal. What I love in this area of the coast is you are never far from beach access. This is especially true from Otter Rock just north of Newport all the way south to the town of Yachats. So, whether you want to get onto the beach right in town or do a little exploring to find your own spot free of people you can always find your very own stretch of sandy beach!

Weather and Climate

The central coast area is in an interesting pocket between the northern Oregon coast which tends to get clouds that stack up against the coastal range directly east and the southern coast that experiences more wind. Please keep in mind I am no meteorologist and these are my first-hand observations. We get the typical storms that hit the beach but they just seem to move through quickly giving us many patches of blue sky over the course of winter months that can traditionally be filled with many overcast days across much of the Pacific Northwest allying the coast. Another big factor I’ve noticed here is our temperature range. You don’t see the extremes of hi and low temperatures. Sure it’ll get below freezing from time to time but 50’s and 60’s are much more the norm all year round with temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s in the summer and dropping into the 40’s and high 30’s over the winter months.


Looking out from the trails at Cape Perpetua

Housing prices vary significantly on the Oregon Coast. We all have different wants and needs a home whether it be our primary residence, a family vacation home, or investment property. But what doesn’t change is wanting the most for our money. Real estate in Lincoln county is very affordable compared to similar markets along the coast. It’s going to depend a lot on what needs you have but I can say for what we have in terms of beaches, landscape, and entertainment you get a lot for your money here. Here’s a local property search page you can visit to learn more:


Variety of Towns

Whats the perfect beach town? Thats going to be different for all of us. Maybe we are looking for the best town for fishing and want to run out and drop crab pots in the evening and slip out for a little salmon fishing for the morning bite. Or, hit the boardwalk for afternoon shopping and catch a bite before taking in the sunset. Agate hunting, art galleries, surfing hot spots, the list could go on forever… The towns along the central coast are all so different. Truly something (or somewhere) for everyone. I personally love the slower paced towns in South Lincoln County of Waldport and Yachats for their beauty, fishing opportunities, and close proximity to the larger town of Newport for the necessities. But, every town has its own vibe and attractions. There are many good websites to find more information on the many towns of the Central Coast but this is one of my favorites: I just love the ability to explore and play in different places close by without having to travel far.



The “local” crowd down at the bayfront in Newport

So I hope this article helped to shed a little light on what makes the Central Oregon Coast special. Please feel free to contact me directly if you need any guidance on where or what to do at or for all your housing needs on the coast. Enjoy the beach!



Housing Market May 7, 2017

Should We be Concerned about Another Housing Bubble?

Over the last several years, many of the circumstances that triggered the previous housing bubble have changed. Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, breaks down how tax policy, bank regulations, interest rates, lending standards, and home equity have improved our ability to avoid another bubble.