Beach Life Pros and Cons of Living in Newport Oregon This week I wanted to share the pros and cons of living in Newport Oregon along with Windermere chief economist Matthew Gardner’s weekly housing market update. I found his insight into the direction of the market pretty insightful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And as always, please let me know if […]
Beach Homes May News From Windermere And The Coast Neighbors in Need Raises $690,000 for Food Banks The COVID-19 pandemic has affected populations across the globe, but those who struggle with poverty and count on food programs to meet their basic day-to-day needs are in an especially uncertain place. While coping with increased demand and a bottlenecked pipeline of food supply, food banks are […]
Housing Market Talking Real Estate on BossFM On our recent BossFM interview we share our tips on successfully buying or selling a home, current market conditions, and what’s going on in real estate right now. Listen To The Interview Here
Beach Life Should we worry about tsunamis living at the oregon coast? Should we worry about tsunamis living at the oregon coast? Last night an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck in the Gulf of Alaska triggering a tsunami watch alert along the west coast. It was quickly called off but I’m sure brought up the question for many people just how safe it is to live at the […]
Beach Life What Makes The Central Oregon Coast Special?   What makes the Central Oregon Coast Special? When my wife and I were looking to move out of the Portland area a couple of years ago we didn’t have anything tying us down to any one area. What we were looking for was a place near the ocean with a good balance of entertainment, […]
Beach Life Fishing Boat Marooned A little excitement here in Bayshore the last couple days. We woke up yesterday to find the Sea Lion II marooned on the beach right behind the clubhouse in Bayshore. The captain told onlookers he  ran aground after falling asleep. After all efforts to get the vessel back in the water failed they’ve now pulled it up […]
Housing Market Should We be Concerned about Another Housing Bubble? Over the last several years, many of the circumstances that triggered the previous housing bubble have changed. Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, breaks down how tax policy, bank regulations, interest rates, lending standards, and home equity have improved our ability to avoid another bubble.
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