Beach Life July 23, 2017

Fishing Boat Marooned

How often do you wake up to a fishing boat marooned on your beach?

A little excitement here in Bayshore the last couple days. We woke up yesterday to find the Sea Lion II marooned on the beach right behind the clubhouse in Bayshore. The captain told onlookers he  ran aground after falling asleep. After all efforts to get the vessel back in the water failed they’ve now pulled it up out of the surf further up into the dunes to decommission and dismantle the boat. I’m sure this will be no small feat.

Life on the beach has continued to surprise me. We’ve seen storms that brought thunderstorms crashing through, Ripping tides that swept away multiple feet of the beach, and you just never know what will wash up on the beach.

The ever changing landscape and unpredictable nature of the ocean continues to amaze me. We wish captain and crew the best of luck getting back out on the water.


Here they are waiting for the tide to rise for the first attempt to get back out to sea